Built in the United States during the Second World War, the DC-3 plane revolutionised modern passenger aircrafts, kicking open the doors to the entire world through way of air travel. If you don't already have an account you can quickly register your details with us. Weathervane & Sign Parts. weather vanes. Weathervane & Sign Parts. That’s it. Trade enquiries are welcome - please contact us on your company letterhead. Style, taste and personality, these aspects of our lives require some form of individuality. Explore the UK's largest collection of Weathervanes & Wrought Iron Wind Vanes with 1000's of Designs & Themes to choose from! Tío Pepe – yes, like the wine. Tel: 07932 373570 (please leave a message on the answerphone out of hours)Our hours of business are Mon-Fri, 9 am - 4 pm. Are you sure you want to remove this product? Browse our extensive range of weathervanes and you will find everything from animals to boats, cars to sports designs. Please look out for this email in your inbox, check your junk/promotions folder and be sure to add us to your safe sender list. They also make excellent gifts, something unique and for the home. Every kind of Weathervane you could possibly dream up is available at Cuckooland.com- if you can dream it up, we can make it. The typical weathervane assembly weighs approximately 5 kg. Weathervanes – British Made Bowls Player Weathervane (84) – British Made Concorde Over London Weathervane (92) – British Made Cricketer Weathervane (82) Drop us an email at customerservice@cuckooland.com or call +44 (0) 1305 231231 to have a natter with our resident weathervane experts. An actual Aeroplane! SnuzPod 4 Bedside Crib 3-in-1 with Mattr... Oliver Furniture 4 in 1 Cot Bed in White & Oak, Copyright ©2021 A weathervane is a beautiful addition to the roof of any home. “How to fit a weathervane” installation instructions are included in every pack. All xmas orders to be delivered by 20th december. Building weather vanes since 1973. Old Father Time is a chilling reminder of the universe’s one inevitability; the constant and unstoppable flow of time. From the fluffy Pomeranian to the large Saint Bernard, our collection of dog themed weathervanes is bound to feature a breed known to everyone. Not half as intrigued as our Customer Service Team will be when they receive your unexpected email. Skip to content. Sign up to our newsletter for 5% off your first order*. The collection includes a great range of genuine polished copper weathervanes and depending on availability natural aged copper Verdigris patina weathervanes Weather vanes show the wind direction and will create a stunning feature, the copper weathervane and arrow points toward the NSEW directions and it is interesting to see how much the arrow can change on a windy day. Be the first to hear about great new products and exclusive offers. Great ideas, great prices and a fantastic range of quality designs for you to find your perfect weathervane today! We think so. All our designs are made to order. You could jump on our Blog post about World Famous Weathervanes and do some creative photo-shopping (not really, but it's a great post to read). Your voucher has been emailed to you. Be sure to check out our selection of quirky and unusual weathervanes! The weathervanes are UK made and come in a range of designs, colours and styles to suit a wide range of tastes. A weathervane is the perfect way to accentuate your quirky home design. “How to fit a weathervane” installation instructions are included in every pack. Choose from our range of sizes starting at mini, then Cottage size and lastly our large Farmhouse size. GREENS Weathervanesbeautifully bespoke copper weathervanes England since 1995 : Welcome to Greens Weathervanes. Wayfair.co.uk loves everything home and décor, and we want to make sure that you do too. We can offer you aircraft designs of all eras, shapes and sizes. On the next few pages I've listed a few of our more popular products. We’ll be so impressed that you’ve actually seen one of these in the flesh that we’ll cover all expenses to get the weathervane to you (even if you live on the moon. However many do opt to adorn their garden shed's or gates with these wonderful pieces. Adminitto88 Gallo Weathervane Cast Iron Rooster Weathervane Metal Iron Cock Wind Vane Retro We… Graham Smith, at Dorset Weathervanes, now offers you the chance to give your property the finishing touch with a handcrafted example of this fascinating craft. Buy The Best Weather Vanes Direct From The Makers & Save Up To 50%. Browse the products on our site and add things to your basket along the way! Discover which way the wind blows with our collection of unique weather van es. Or. Over the years we have perfected a blend of modern design withtraditional techniques to produce high quality authentic weather vanes. From farmyard to UK wildlife and exotic birds, weathervanes in both standard and hand painted. And well, we’re just super curious to see just how weathervane crazy you are. Perhaps the basis of the traditional cockerel weathervane (see a typical one here), the Gallo di Ramperto, is thought to have been built between 820 and 830 in Brescia, Italy, in which it lived upon a church tower for more than a thousand years until 1891, when it was removed and placed in the Museum of Santa Giulia where it can still be seen, at the grand old age of 1,194 years old! Birds From farmyard to UK wildlife and exotic birds, weathervanes in both standard and hand painted. Does the grandfather of modern aircraft deserve its place on the highest point of a transportation museum? Finally a thick finishing coat of semi-gloss black is applied and baked on. We provide Bespoke Hand Crafted Metal Work, so if you have an idea you would like to discuss with us please get in touch today. Browse the products on our site and add things to your wish list along the way! Ok not really, but a little village in the Cotswolds is definitely a go!). Now there’s a challenge for you! Weathervanes All our Black Forge Art weathervanes are traditionally forged and fabricated from solid wrought iron in our old forge deep in the heart of rural Kent in the UK by renowned master blacksmith and creator of thousands of weathervanes over a quarter of a century, Rod Fender. Opening hours Mon–Sat 8.30am – 6.30pm. We also make bespoke weathervanes too- any design you can dream up we can make. If you have a question about any of our weathervanes, our friendly team is here to help! Each piece has been designed in-house, crafted from a mixture of cast iron and steel, and hand-finished in a midnight black. Made from British steel, each weathervane is crafted to withstand the elements and last for many years. FREE Delivery! Cuckooland.com - eCommerce by. If you would like to go higher we can supply on request a more substantial centre post and bracket. Products in this category 4.9/5 Each vane has been designed to complement and fit our range of cupolas and clock towers or a selection of fixing kits for wall and roof mounting are also available. Available in a range of different designs to suit all tastes; from hares, pheasants and foxes to horses, roosters and other farm animals. Send it in and we’ll reward you with a FREE weathervane of your own. Boats, Cars, Trains & Planes Weathervanes, We are OPEN and Delivering – Latest COVID-19 updates, Unit 8a & b, Parkway Farm Business Park, Middle Farm Way, Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 3AR. Weathervanes Stunning weathervanes for your house, garage or outbuildings. Traditional Weathervanes Our traditional Windvane range is hand made here in Sussex by us, a family business, with over 40 years of experience. Here at Chris Clarke Weathervanes, we specialise in all things weathervanes and provide a wide selection for you to choose from. All our weathervanes are offered with free standard delivery to most UK … We have many people from across the UK buying from us, and below are just some of the reasons why: Top 5 reasons to choose Chris Clarke Weathervanes Unique Weathervanes from Cuckooland Each Weathervane at Cuckooland is handmade in Britain with real British Steel, each part is machined and individually balanced and coated in High Density Polyethylene, making them incredibly accurate and durable! Well, the weather vane was originally established as an advertisement for Tío Pepe sherry. Track your orders and use our self service returns process. Each piece features the delightful silhouette of a dog perched on a detailed piece of land and will certainly bring a sense of character to your property. None of the parts are imported. The flat black coated mini weathervanes come in a beautiful presentation gift box and make a lovely gift. Cart 0. Whether you’re partial to a dachshund or a dashing vintage car, we have designs from the UK’s best small creative businesses. Enquiry 07941 515169. Manufactured with care and designed to last, they are finished with a durable but traditional looking black powder coat baked on at 170 degrees, and the layer of zinc electroplating gives a … Each vane has been designed to complement and fit our range of cupolas and clock towers or a selection of fixing kits for wall and roof mounting are also available. The Tío Pepe wind vane in Jerez, Spain is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest working weather vane in the world! Each handcrafted weathervane is made to our unique design and made to order. See our wide range of standard and painted weathervanes feature single and multiple dogs. Intrigued? Adminitto88 Gallo Weathervane Cast Iron Rooster Weathervane Metal Iron Cock Wind Vane Retro We… Facebook page opens in new window. Simply send the image to customerservice@cuckooland.com and quote ‘Russell’s Secret Weathervane Challenge’. Weathervanes We offer a large standard range of three-dimensional weathervanes. All our designs are made to order in the UKWe are operating within cv19 safety guidelines, as such some delays are being experiencedA typical 6 week turn around, Please allow a couple of days for email replies. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Weathervanes & Sundials that are right for your home. We’ll send you a FREE weathervane if you send us an actual picture you’ve taken of any of these World Famous Weathervanes. The sickle in his hand links him to another, more “grim” allegorical character, reminding us of what awaits all of us when our time has run out. With a great look and the ability to withstand the trials of rain, wind and weather to continue bringing pleasure for many years. Here’s the deal. Most people who possess a unique style have bags of creativity which is often admired by those around them and here at Cuckooland we are no exception to this, we love it when our customers get creative! Over the years we have perfected a blend of modern design and traditional techniques which enable us produce high quality authentic weather vanes. Weathervanes. Vain (pun intended) but cool. Got a spare pic lying around of any of these? Delivery is approximately 4 weeks. Sorry cannot increase due to stock level restrictions. Our weathervanes are available in flat black steel, 3D aluminium, 3D copper and stainless steel depending on the design and finish you require. At Broadland Metal Art, we take great pride in producing quality hand-made weathervanes. Primus 3d Peacock Stainless Steel Weathervane With Garden Stake Weather Vane £159.99 New Olive Grove Weathervanes - Steel Cockeral Weathervane With Ground Spike and Wall (4) What does it have to do with Tío Pepe? And it only requires 5 knots of wind to work. All our weathervanes are designed and made in our workshops at Potter Heigham on the beautiful Norfolk Broads. The spheres, point & tail flights are then highlighted with a copper patine to create a stunning weathervane. We can supply simple brackets to allow retro fitting to a gable end or similar vertical surface, we do not recommend these for mounting above a height of 4 to 5 metres. All handmade! Weathervanes are making a very big revival to homes within the UK. Refine Search. Show: Sort By: A Set of 4 Steel North South East West NEWS Weathervane Letters 2" - Laser cut. All of our weathervanes are as high quality as they can be for anywhere near the price. Please phone to check availability as many designs are in stock for next day delivery. Graceful, ornate and whimsical, these three-dimensional weathervanes are both folk art and fine art combined. We are often asked for profiles and component parts for those customers who wish to make there own weathervane or house sign. Ok, perhaps an explanation is required. Be prepared for spooky season all year round with unusual weather vanes, like a witch riding a broom. Each Weathervane at Cuckooland is handmade in Britain with real British Steel, each part is machined and individually balanced and coated in High Density Polyethylene, making them incredibly accurate and durable! Inspired by treasured pastimes and hobbies, you’ll find something to capture anyone’s heart within this collection. Let's just say, its part competition and part social experiment to see how many of you lovely weathervane crazy people read this far down the page. Greens Weathervanes: beautifully bespoke copper weathervanes and sculpture, made in England to the highest standard. Rooster and cockerel weathervanes, otherwise known as wind vanes, are the oldest and most well-known designs, but our collection houses far more than just your standard offerings! That's why we carry a zillion different Weathervanes & Sundials for sale online. Our collection of tranctors both old and new as well as farm machinery of all types. So, if you don't see what you're looking for or if you would like a variation of any of our designs, call our team on 01305 231 231 and we'll make a plan (or in this case a Weathervane). Weathervanes 25 Rippers Court Sible Hedingham , Essex CO9 3PY, All our designs are made to order in the UK, as such some delays are being experienced. To use the Wishlist functionality available on our site, you will need to become a member and login to the site. Verdigris 3D weathervanes Our larger size 3D weathervanes are made in either copper or aluminium finished with a Verdigris copper effect unique to each weathervane. If you’re looking for some beautifully hand crafted Bespoke Weathervanes, look no further than Chris Clarke Weathervanes. Each weathervane is finished by firstly shot blasting all the components before applying a coat of etching primer. The weather vanes are high quality and the material that they are made from is either steel construction that is primed, painted, powder coated or quality copper. This DC-3 replica takes pride of place on top of the Yukon Transportation Museum in Canada, serving as a functional wind vane. Cuckooland stocks a wide and unique range of quirky weathervanes for houses big and small. Visitors are welcome, but please telephone first, as we do have to be away from the workshop on occasion. Cuckooland have just about every Weathervane design known to man. Create Wishlists and share them with your friends and family. The Rooster Ramperto. Oh and he’s also removing the bails from the wickets in a game of cricket signalling the end of play!

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